Laser Enthusiast Wanted


Laser Enthusiast Wanted
Visit our New Full Featured Laser Community Forum at

 The Laser Enthusiast Community Forum is an online community made up of
devoted laser enthusiasts. Unlike other laser related sites, this Forum
is not dedicated to a specific laser company, but instead opens its
doors to all laser related companies and activities. All enthusiasts of
anything laser related are welcome here, including Amateurs, Pros and
everyone in between.

 The forum also provides a showcase for small companies and
individuals to showcase their laser related products directly to their
target audience in the form of web based advertising. For details on
how to advertise your company on LaserEnthusiast’s Community Forum,
Email or PM High Octane on the forum for more information.

 This forum contains one of the finest online collections of individual
hobbyists and professionals to help you choose your first or next
laser. As well as to help walk you through that next wicked laser

 We also have one of the most advanced Laser Forums around.

 Some of the Sites features include:

  • 3 Custom Skins to choose from
  • Vendors Area, Buy Direct, Forum Discounts, Organized Group Buys!
  • Animated Avatars collection
  • Your own Photo Blog
  • Upload to OUR server
  • ShoutBox
  • Advanced, Integrated Flash based Chat Room
  • LE-Bay, Our Auction software
  • Play games in the Arcade
  • Watch your favorite on-line T.V. Stations
  • Listen to your favorite on-line Radio Stations
  • Huge Animated Smiley collection
  • Much Much More! Too many to list!

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Advertisements’s Membership Drive & Giveaway!

Register now and join in on our first Membership Drive Giveaway!

Prizes include:

  • Wicked Lasers Phoenix 532nm laser, measuring in at 100mw MINIMUM sustained output, WITH a Dragon case to keep it safe and sound ! Valued at : $259.00 !!!!
  • 5V, 70mW Red Laser Circuit Board with Red Laser Module Kit from DealExtreme !!!!
  • Everyone who enters will also become a Supporting Member!

As a Supporting Member, You have access to more features than a Regular Member.

These Include:

  • Access to Arcade with no post minimum.
  • Ability to Add Radio & TV settings
  • Can add new stations
  • Can have a list of favorites
  • Access to Custom User Title
  • Up to 1000 Maximum Stored PM’s
  • Can Set Self to Invisible Mode
  • Custom Avatar Size increased to 125 x 125
  • Number of Images in Signature is now 4 instead of 1
  • Access to Supporting Members Private Forum
  • Can Access New Features as they are added

Click Here for instructions,Rules and Link to the Raffle

Webmasters and Website owners, are you having Domain Name and Server Issues?

As a webmaster & Site owner, I have been through the wringer with Domain Name problems and Server issues. After many trials and errors I have finally found some piece of mind, and I wanted to share my hard earned knowledge with everyone, so they don’t have to go through the same horrors I did.

First we need to establish the Domain Name. After all its how or visitors and prospective customers will identify us, and keeping this name protected is a must! You need to register this domain name with a company that is trustworthy and reputable.

After letting a cheap server host manage my domain name and my sites server, I soon lost both my sites and my name due to the owners unprofessional business practices, This included a long and painful battle to reacquire my good name, at the loss of many customers and money due to my sites being down.

This is when I started researching Domain Name registrars and Server Hosts, for a secure, quality and inexpensive company with a good reputation. I now have the perfect combo for my needs. Tested and time approved I am pleased to report that I have been problem free since!

Go Daddy Domains - Why Pay More? 468x60

They are the #1 Domain Name Register and for a good reason! Don’t even think about using someone else Trust me its not worth it in the long run.


HostMonster has proven to be reliable, consistent, Easy to use, Fast and with excellent customer service at reasonable prices.
Sure you can pay less with someone else, but as I had to find out the hard way, When your site is down or slow, you lose visitors and customers, NOT making it worth the little bit you saved by using that second rate Hosting company.

So the moral of this story is to Learn from my mistakes, so you don’t make the same ones.
If only I had done my homework better and found a post like this one, it would have saved me a lot of money, time, energy and aggravation!

Good luck with your Website, may is be successful ;o)

My inner Geek & LASERS

I guess by now most of you have figured out that I’m a GEEK. Well I’m not too scared Sealed to admit it.

 Technoligy keeps jumping forward, making things we want more afforardable and Obtainable for us regular income folks. So with that in mind you ought to stop over at WICKEDLASERS and see how far advanced and how Affordable LASERS have become.

 The Green Laser is soo cool and soo much more visible to the human eye, you wont believe your eyes! and pictures just can’t do the beam intensity any justice. Heck, not only can you see the Dot better than any common Red Laser, You can actually see the Beam in in low lit surroundings, and they are Great for Star Pointing at night! I know I bought one. Wink

 Their Quality and Customer Service is supreme. Prices start at $39:99 Shipped! for a TRUE 5mw Green Laser, and they have a slew of more powerful models and choice of different colored beams.

OH, before you buy any laser from anywhere, I suggest that you do a little reading on there Forum first. The knowledge you obtain from there will prevent you from wasting you money on someones rippoff laser, that could end up doing you actual harm due to the lack of IR filters on some cheap imitations.

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If you love inexpensive Gadgets, You have to read this!

Gadgets, those fun devises we love to admire and or play with.

As most of us go about our daily lives, there are those things that help make the day a little more interesting. These are things we really don’t need but aquire anyway just to satisfy that itch.

Well I think I have found a website that has a nice collection of those interesting little objects we so yearn for, Its DealExtreme. They have some of the coolest little gadgets at the best prices I have ever seen!

So if you are looking to satisfy the Your Gadget habit, I highly suggest a look.


OE Mopar Parts & Accessories at HUGE SAVINGS!

Who we are:
We purchase parts from closing Daimler Chrysler, Jeep & Dodge Dealers, and sell them at savings up to & over 50% off dealer suggested retail prices!

We have Parts for years 1955 and up!

So whether your looking for a Part or Accessory for the Family car or that rare piece for your restoration project , we can help and will definitely save you MONEY in the process.

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  • WagnerTech’s Mopar Bog: The latest News straight from DCX!
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