My inner Geek & LASERS

I guess by now most of you have figured out that I’m a GEEK. Well I’m not too scared Sealed to admit it.

 Technoligy keeps jumping forward, making things we want more afforardable and Obtainable for us regular income folks. So with that in mind you ought to stop over at WICKEDLASERS and see how far advanced and how Affordable LASERS have become.

 The Green Laser is soo cool and soo much more visible to the human eye, you wont believe your eyes! and pictures just can’t do the beam intensity any justice. Heck, not only can you see the Dot better than any common Red Laser, You can actually see the Beam in in low lit surroundings, and they are Great for Star Pointing at night! I know I bought one. Wink

 Their Quality and Customer Service is supreme. Prices start at $39:99 Shipped! for a TRUE 5mw Green Laser, and they have a slew of more powerful models and choice of different colored beams.

OH, before you buy any laser from anywhere, I suggest that you do a little reading on there Forum first. The knowledge you obtain from there will prevent you from wasting you money on someones rippoff laser, that could end up doing you actual harm due to the lack of IR filters on some cheap imitations.

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If you love inexpensive Gadgets, You have to read this!

Gadgets, those fun devises we love to admire and or play with.

As most of us go about our daily lives, there are those things that help make the day a little more interesting. These are things we really don’t need but aquire anyway just to satisfy that itch.

Well I think I have found a website that has a nice collection of those interesting little objects we so yearn for, Its DealExtreme. They have some of the coolest little gadgets at the best prices I have ever seen!

So if you are looking to satisfy the Your Gadget habit, I highly suggest a look.