Chrysler wants suppliers to help cut costs

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Chrysler wants suppliers to help cut costs

Incoming chief executive LaSorda said he is shopping for big percentage reductions.

By Jeff Bennett / Bloomberg News
Autos Insider

DaimlerChrysler AG’s Chrysler wants suppliers to provide technologies that can cut costs as much as 30 percent because of pressure to hold down vehicle prices, said Thomas LaSorda, the unit’s incoming chief executive.

“What we are saying to suppliers is bring us your innovation, bring us your technology but don’t just tell us it will give a 3 percent savings,” LaSorda told reporters at a conference in Detroit Monday. “Break through that, get creative and innovative and bring us the stuff that can save us 10, 20 or 30 percent.”

Chrysler is seeking to build on sales gains of 7.7 percent this year through July, more than the industry’s 4.2 percent rise. Chrysler sales surged 27 percent last month as it followed General Motors Corp. in offering employee prices to all buyers. LaSorda wants suppliers to contribute to lower manufacturing costs and improvements such as increased fuel efficiency.


Chrysler Group CEO-elect Tom LaSorda Says His Company is Forging a Unique Model for Supplier Relations

Chrysler Group CEO-elect Tom LaSorda Says His Company is Forging a Unique Model for Supplier Relations

Tom LaSorda Speech to Auto Industry Action Group (AIAG) AutoTech Conference

Names four “Hot Buttons” suppliers need to understand
Announces TRW and Iroquois Industries as HI-PO suppliers with long-term partnerships
Supplier quality initiative reduces “Yard holds” for participants from 35 to 1 in 2005


Personal Biodiesel Production System

Personal Biodiesel Production System

As seen on SPIKE tv, on TRUCKS. “Watch this one if your interested in Biodiesel”

With a FuelMeister you don’t have to be a plumber or mechanic to make your own biodiesel. This is not a hobby kit but a fully-assembled and tested system built with quality materials. You get all the specialized equipment and accessories you need to start making biodiesel that same day. All you need to add is vegetable oil, methanol, lye, electricity and tap water. The whole setup fits comfortably in the corner of your garage. And because it’s a “closed” system you won’t have to pour or stir any liquids. A digital scale is included so you can accurately measure your own lye. The FuelMeister will turn even heavily used cooking oil into clean burning, biodegradable and smooth-running biodiesel. Whatever you own that runs on #2 diesel fuel you can power with the biodiesel you produce with your own FuelMeister processor system.

Biodiesel Advantages

Jeep® Liberty CRD Diesel SUVs to Run on Clean, Renewable Biodiesel Fuel as They Leave the Factory Floor

Jeep® Liberty CRD Diesel SUVs to Run on Clean, Renewable Biodiesel Fuel as They Leave the Factory Floor

Auburn Hills, Mich., Sep 9, 2004 –

Fuel made from Ohio soybeans

Renewable fuel reduces reliance on oil for transportation
Chrysler CEO Dieter Zetsche: ‘An important first step in encouraging wider use of clean, renewable fuels’
Each new 2005 Jeep® Liberty Common Rail Diesel (CRD) sport-utility vehicle rolling off the assembly line will be fueled with five percent biodiesel, as Chrysler Group takes the lead in encouraging use of clean, renewable fuels made from plants.

Auto Meter introduces the D-Pic

Auto Meter introduces the D-Pic

Clean Installation

No more devices hanging from your windshield, or cords dangling to your auxiliary power port
Built in standard 2 1/16” gauge size – D-PIC’s compact size allows it to be easily mounted in a Pod, Pillar, Cup or custom Dash location

Available in two styles to match either your Auto Meter Ultra-Lite or Cobalt gauges for a clean appearance and perfect complement to your existing instrumentation
Real–Time G’s

Choose either forward (front and back) or lateral (left and right) axis instantaneous acceleration G Forces on the LED array and digital display

Furniture for MOPAR men

After that last article on the HemiDog, I started thinking that sure would make a fine addition to my living room, But I would have to change a few other pieces of furniture to get the look us Mopar men have been looking for, and here is what I found.

Lets see…. The HemiDog would be by the door….

We’ll need a coffee table to draw performance minded eyes to the center of the room…

Naaa…. Need somthing with alittle more meat…..

Chrysler Group’s HEMI® Engine Is No Dog, But There IS a HEMIDOG

Chrysler Group’s HEMI® Engine Is No Dog, But There IS a HEMIDOG

Auburn Hills, Mich., Jul 09, 2004 – The designers in the studios at DaimlerChrysler’s Technical Center in Auburn Hills, Mich., have gotten quite used to developing vehicles with the world-renown HEMI® engine.

Now, their lives are imitating art.

The company was approached by the Community House of Birmingham, an independent not-for-profit organization, for a unique fund-raising idea. DaimlerChrysler and other participants were asked to paint or design 40-pound fiberglass dog sculptures that will be placed on Birmingham street corners from July 15 through Oct. 13. The dogs will then be auctioned on Oct. 13 to benefit the Community House at its “OUR TOWN” Gala.