’s Membership Drive & Giveaway!

Register now and join in on our first Membership Drive Giveaway!

Prizes include:

  • Wicked Lasers Phoenix 532nm laser, measuring in at 100mw MINIMUM sustained output, WITH a Dragon case to keep it safe and sound ! Valued at : $259.00 !!!!
  • 5V, 70mW Red Laser Circuit Board with Red Laser Module Kit from DealExtreme !!!!
  • Everyone who enters will also become a Supporting Member!

As a Supporting Member, You have access to more features than a Regular Member.

These Include:

  • Access to Arcade with no post minimum.
  • Ability to Add Radio & TV settings
  • Can add new stations
  • Can have a list of favorites
  • Access to Custom User Title
  • Up to 1000 Maximum Stored PM’s
  • Can Set Self to Invisible Mode
  • Custom Avatar Size increased to 125 x 125
  • Number of Images in Signature is now 4 instead of 1
  • Access to Supporting Members Private Forum
  • Can Access New Features as they are added

Click Here for instructions,Rules and Link to the Raffle


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