100-Year Old Man’s Wish – A Spin in a Viper

Posted Nov 30, 2006, 04:08 PM by Mike Ellis
Category: W.P. Chrysler Museum

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Since he bought a 1923 Dodge Coupe, Hubert Fields has owned nothing but Chrysler Group vehicles. More than 13 in all. So what do you do for a loyal customer who will be celebrating his 100th birthday on Dec. 4, and still likes to drive?

A day after blowing out the birthday candles, Fields is taking a trip in his 1991 Chrysler New Yorker Fifth Avenue from his home in Spring Valley, Ohio to Auburn Hills, where he’ll tour the Walter P.Chrysler Museum and take a ride in a Dodge Viper. Chrysler Group President and Chief Executive Officer Tom LaSorda has also signed a letter of recognition for Fields.


Fields and daughter Eleanor Jane with Desoto on trip to upstate New York in 1949

Fields would prefer to drive the Viper himself. “Gramps has always enjoyed spirited vehicles,” said his grandson Kirk Bierley, who will also come up to Auburn Hills. “He’s never met a hill he didn’t want to fly over,” Bierley said. “My only concern is that you’ll get him in a Viper, and he won’t ever want to get out.”
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Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen and Jeep® launch BLUETEC Diesel Initiative

Los Angeles, Nov 29, 2006
On the eve of the Los Angeles Motor Show DaimlerChrysler, AUDI and Volkswagen announced that they intend to establish the BLUETEC brand name as the designation for particularly clean, highly fuel-efficient passenger cars and SUVs with diesel engines. Under the shared concept of BLUETEC, each of the manufacturers involved will be working on their own technical systems for meeting the world’s most stringent emission regulations.

The latest J.D. Power study, “Global Outlook For Diesel”, predicts that the share of diesels among first-time registrations in North America will rise to over 15 percent by 2015. It is in the light of this development that Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Volkswagen will be systematically expanding their ranges of diesel vehicles.


All three companies are convinced that up-to-date diesel propulsion systems play a major part in efficient and clean mobility. With their high torque, agility, economy and robustness they display all the qualities which American customers, especially, appreciate.

With their outstandingly efficient fuel consumption, which lies some 20 to 40 percent lower than that of comparable petrol engines, these particularly clean diesel engines now have the potential to comply with the toughest emission limits in the world. They combine ecology and economy with driving pleasure for the customer.

What is BLUETEC?
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All-new 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible Rises Above the Rest With Class-leading Innovations and Three Convertible Top Offerings

* Chrysler brand reinforces its leadership position as America’s favorite convertible company with all-new Sebring Convertible
* Three automatically latching tops, including a retractable hard top, can drop with the press of a button on the key fob
* Spacious interior makes comfortable room for four adults; exceptional cargo room easily fits four golf bags, two golf bags when top is dropped
* Exhilarating performance with excellent fuel efficiency of 31 mpg and Flexible-fuel Vehicle (FFV) engine availability


Los Angeles, Nov 29, 2006 –

Chrysler is raising the roof on the convertible segment, introducing the all-new 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. This completely redesigned Sebring Convertible is built on the company’s new D-segment platform and offers what no other convertible on the road can offer: Chrysler’s sleek and elegant design, exhilarating performance with excellent fuel efficiency, a spacious interior that comfortably sits four adults and enough room in the trunk to hold two golf bags, even when the top is dropped.

For a video walkaround tour of the 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible with designer Joe Dehner, and a demonstration of its retractable hardtop roof, CLICK HERE (YouTube – DCXVideo Channel).

The all-new 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible also offers what no other convertible has offered before — three automatically latching convertible top options: vinyl, cloth and a first for this new 2008 Sebring Convertible, a body-color painted steel retractable hard top, all of which can be retracted with a push of a button on the key fob. Top that with a standard power hard tonneau cover on all models, and top up or down, Sebring Convertible provides the benefits of coupe and the true open-air freedom of a convertible, all at a surprisingly affordable price.
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Belvidere Police Department Now Backed by More Muscle and Safety Features

2006 Dodge Charger Police Vehicles Join Local Patrol Lineup as New Law Enforcement Vehicle of Choice

* Belvidere Police Department will now have superior handling characteristics and modern muscle available for street patrol
* Cars equipped with Electronic Stability Program (ESP) are 35 percent less likely to be involved in a collision, says the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA)


Belvidere, Ill., Nov 28, 2006 – Bad guys beware: Criminals will now have more trouble eluding law enforcement officers since the Belvidere Police Department recently added six rear-wheel-drive 2006 Dodge Charger 3.5-liter V-6 police vehicles to its patrol fleet.

“The Belvidere Police Department is proud to join local law enforcement departments across the country in adding Dodge Charger police vehicles to our patrol lineup,” said Jan Noble, Chief of Police – City of Belvidere. “After viewing several makes and models of police vehicles, it was a natural choice to select a vehicle brand with ties as close to this community as the long-standing relationship with the Chrysler Group’s Belvidere Assembly Plant.”
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In the Axor all the way to Beijing

* Over 13 000 kilometres from Paris to the Chinese capital

* An Axor truck supplied the “E-Class Experience” with diesel

* The truck fitted with Blue-Tec diesel technology proves totally reliable even under extreme conditions

Stuttgart, Nov 27, 2006
Two continents, seven time zones, 13 605 kilometres with variations in of over 2 000 metres – the vehicles taking part in the “Paris – Beijing 2006” rally had to get through a marathon programme between 21 October and 17 November 2006. An Axor 1833 L truck drove ahead of the main convoy. The main function of this truck and its crew: to refuel the entire fleet of cars with diesel fuel.


“E-Class Experience” was the name of the adventure in which participants set off from the French capital and drove all the way to the Chinese capital. The main aim of the event was to demonstrate the high level of reliability and the low con-sumption of engines fitted with state-of-the-art diesel technology. To this end, DaimlerChrysler sent 33 teams driving Mercedes E 320 CDI models and three E 320 Blue-Tec on this journey.

One of the logistical challenges to be overcome was ensuring a reliable supply of fuel. More than 100 000 litres of fuel were consumed over this record distance. Diesel of the highest quality had to be provided at all 23 stage finishing points along the route heading east from Berlin. The tour organisers found the solution in a cooperative venture with Aral and the Hamburg-based freight forwarding company Hoyer.
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