Dealer Wholesale Parts Blowout!!!

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Dealer Wholesale Parts Blowout!!!

Floor Mats all different styles, applications and colors —> ONLY $10.00 each Set !!!!

2004-05 Chrysler 300 c take-off grills—-> ONLY $20.00 each!!!!

2003-04 Jeep Liberty take-off grills—-> ONLY $20.00 each !!!!

: Specific colors are available for the Floor Mats & Liberty Grills.
: limited supply, Get them while they last!
: All items sold AS IS.

Call: 314-291-2050 or Email for more information.



Hybrid Technologies


This sleek R-Car Chrysler Crossfire conversion is anticipated for medium to long-range trips, as well as neighborhood use. This zero emissions vehicle can travel in excess of 90 mph for over 100 miles.

Speed: 6 speed gear box allowing speeds in excess of 90 mph.
Range: Over 100 miles - adding more battery

packs will more than double the range

Power: 25 Kilowatts

Battery Packs: 168 Volts, 56 amps

Battery Weight: 250 lbs

Charge Time: 2-3 hours with either a 110-120 or 220-240V. 220-240 V gives a faster charge

Battery Charge Lifespan: Over 1000X


Inside the R-Car

Inside an Electric Car


PT Cruiser


Mini ATV

Cal Sol Berkeley Sponsorship

British Embassy Mini Cooper

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2006 Dodge Charger in Flash

Check out the 2006 Dodge Charger Flash website!
2006 Dodge Charger website

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Six New SkunkWerks Chrysler Vehicles Photos –

Six New SkunkWerks Chrysler Vehicles

Six New SkunkWerks Vehicles Debut at 2004 SEMA Show

“Dream Applications” Result in New Chrysler, Jeep® and Dodge Concepts

Chrysler Group’s SkunkWerks team – a group of in-house enthusiasts brought together as part of the company’s growing emphasis on performance, parts, accessories and customization – is at it again.

Made up of designers, engineers, marketers and product planners, the Chrysler Group SkunkWerks team turns their dreams into stunning performance-themed sheet metal, which often results in future directions for performance vehicles and parts. Six new SkunkWerks vehicles are on display this week at the 2004 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show.

“The Chrysler Group SkunkWerks team combines the best of engineering discipline with the excitement and pizzazz of the creative process,” said Ralph Gilles – Director, Interior/Exterior Product Design and Specialty Vehicles, and leader of the SkunkWerks team. “The result is a selection of one-off custom vehicles that may be considered dream applications, or test beds, for future vehicle and Mopar Performance parts ideas.”

The annual SEMA show provides a forum for the Chrysler Group to demonstrate its commitment to aspirational vehicles, while stretching the envelope in the area of vehicle customization and personalization.

In addition to SkunkWerks vehicles, which represent Chrysler Group custom vehicles “straight from the factory,” the Company continues to partner with SEMA members to help them create their own “dream applications” of Chrysler, Jeep® and Dodge vehicles. This year, more than two dozen such vehicles – created by SEMA members in tandem with Chrysler Group’s Image Team – are displayed on the SEMA show floor.

“The purpose is to stretch imaginations and gauge consumer interest,” Gilles said. “We do that through our SkunkWerks interpretations – and those of our SEMA partners who work with our Image Team – pushing the envelope with Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles. At Chrysler Group, our goal is to be the leader in performance and design. Vehicles that we showcase at SEMA demonstrate that we’re doing just that.”

Following are highlights of the six SkunkWerks show cars for the 2004 SEMA show:

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Mopar at SEMA – MSN Autos

The Dodge Durango “Dude” is a hot rod street truck based on a Durango SUV coverted into a pickup truck. The dude carries a 5.7-liter HEMI V8.

by Mike Meredith

Mopar offers new performance options including HEMI crate motors and SkunkWerks shows six new designs.

The Purple Rain Dodge Magnum was developed by Washtenaw Community College students and features 22-inch Oasis wheels and paint by Custom Cars and Concepts.

The Dodge “Hot Rod” Magnum from SkunkWerks has ties back to ’70s muscle cars, including HEMI Orange paint, graphics from Kustom Haus and a blackout hood.


Mopar is the Chrysler Group’s parts and accessories brand, a name that became synonymous with Chrysler performance in the 1960s and 1970s. This year at SEMA Chrysler announced a number of new Mopar Performance Parts, beginning with the 5.7-liter HEMI V8 and versions of lengendary HEMI engines from the past.

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AutoWeek – The Auto Enthusiast’s Online Resource

Chrysler’s Mopar announces new Hemi crate engines will be added to performance parts line
Posted Date: 11/3/04
Mopar, Chrysler Group’s parts and accessories brand, announced several additions to its Mopar Performance Parts line at the SEMA show, led by an all-new 5.7-liter Hemi crate engine, and crate versions of classic Hemi engines from the past.

In addition, Mopar also announced an all-new Mopar Stage 3R Turbo Upgrade Kit the Dodge SRT4. The Stage 3R kit pushes the performance of the Dodge SRT4’s 2.4-liter turbocharged engine to 310 horsepower.

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Dodge SRT-4 Mopar Performance Parts

Nice article, Shows what MP can do for the SRT-4!

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