The 120th birthday of the automobile

* January 29, 1886: Karl Benz applied for a patent for his Motor Car

* The vehicle’s holistic design makes it the first automobile

* Mercedes-Benz remains oriented to this originality even today

Stuttgart, Dec 30, 2005
The automobile celebrates its 120th birthday on January 29. On this date in 1886 Karl Benz applied for a patent for his motorized vehicle. With the German Reich Patent No. 37435a, granted in November of the same year, his Patent Motor Car, as this three-wheeled vehicle has since been known, received official recognition as the world’s first automobile.

It was the individualized technology that secured the Benz Patent Motor Car this status. Unlike other inventors, Benz did not merely install an internal combustion engine into an existing coach chassis, thereby making it capable of autonomous motion (Greek/latin: auto/mobil). His design extended to the entire vehicle: It was quite clear to him that a vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine was subject to engineering principles quite different from those applying to a horse-drawn carriage.

Benz created innovative technology with classic engineering methods: a small horizontal, single-cylinder four-stroke engine running on gasoline, electric ignition, carburetor, water-cooled radiator, steering and a tubular frame. With these features, the first motor car came into being in 1886.


World premiere at the Essen Motor Show 2005: BRABUS concept car development shows the potential of the smart forfour

Böblingen, Nov 24, 2005
A smart forfour with racing seat belts and a roll cage is sure to pull the crowds to the smart-BRABUS stand in hall 11 at the Essen Motor Show (25 November until 4 December 2005). The concept car serves as a technology demonstrator and will be presented to the public for the first time in Essen.

Findings from the development of concept cars such as this are regularly incorporated into the series production. This does not mean that a racing version of the smart forfour is soon to be launched on the market, however it ensures that all features found in the production cars have been thoroughly tested and proven.

The first smart with more than 200 bhp

The smart forfour concept car has a turbo engine delivering approximately 154 kW (210 bhp). The maximum torque exceeds 300 Newton metres and the vehicle achieves a maximum speed of more than 235 kilometres per hour. For purposes of comparison: the extremely powerful engine of the smart forfour BRABUS has 130 kW (177 bhp) and torque of up to 230 Newton metres.
To ensure optimal conversion of the engine power to traction for a car with this engine output, the smart-BRABUS developers have fitted the transmission with a differential lock. The concept car furthermore has a racing brake system that is served by a new master brake cylinder and completely fills the 17 inch rims.


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New Mopar Performance Forums member

Mopar Performance Forums

I would like to take a moment to Welcome and introduce a new member of the Mopar Performance Forum, This is his first post from the Forum.
Please stop in and say hi, as it is a privilege to have him here.

HI Everyone,

My name is Aliyah. I’m a Marketing Representative with the Dodge Information Center.

I’m sure you guys have heard of the Dodge Ram SRT-10 (Viper engine, 500hp) Truck.

Would anyone be interested in sharing their opinion on the Ram SRT-10?
Or if there are any questions please feel free to post away. I’ll be
around. Smile

Also, We have a new web video featuring the Ram SRT-10 called “Hot Pursuit“. Check out the intense chase scenes @ Click on the SRT section to view the video.

It’s definitely worth a look, be sure to let me know what you think. Smile


Aliyah Z

Dodge Information Center Marketing Representative

1-800-4ADODGE / 1-800-423-6343

Click here to post in the forum
Click here to view the Ram SRT-10 Hot Pursuit

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New 2006 Chrysler 300C “Heritage Edition” Debuts at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Jan. 4, 2006

* New “Heritage Edition” model pays homage to the 1957 Chrysler 300C which was described as the “Beautiful Brute”
* 2006 Chrysler 300C Heritage Edition offers luxurious performance, exclusive features and unique heritage badging
* New model is the first Chrysler brand vehicle with SmartBeam TM headlamp technology

Auburn Hills, Mich., Dec 22, 2005 –

Paying homage to the great Chrysler 300s of the late 1950s, the Chrysler Group announced today the new 2006 Chrysler 300C “Heritage Edition,” debuting Jan. 4 at the 2006 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Available in dealerships this spring, the limited-production Heritage Edition is a performance specialty vehicle offering the power of the award-winning 5.7-liter HEMI® engine with the fuel-saving Multiple Displacement System (MDS), high-performance styling cues of the popular SRT lineup and exclusive features, including the first-time use of SmartBeam TM headlamp technology in a Chrysler vehicle. And, to contemporize its illustrious past, the Heritage Edition has a chromed bodyside molding with a distinctive tri-color 300C badge that is modeled after the badge on the 1957 Chrysler 300C, a vehicle described in its day as the “Beautiful Brute.”

“The Chrysler 300C Heritage Edition honors the long line of beautiful Chrysler 300 vehicles by combining power and fuel-economy in a sporty, stylish package,” said Jeff Bell, Vice President – Chrysler.

Win a Chrysler Crossfire from Dell

Dell is giving away 2 Chrysler Crossfires, in their “End of Re-gifting Holiday Game”.
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California Highway Patrol Hero Helps Brighten Holiday Season for Charity Serving Homeless

* Chrysler Group donates all-new 2006 Jeep Commander to Sacramento Loaves and Fishes on behalf of officer named Jeep Hero in nationwide program
* Charity also receives $10,000 from DaimlerChrysler Corporation Fund

Sacramento, Calif., Dec 20, 2005 –

Sacramento Loaves and Fishes, an organization that feeds, transports and shelters the homeless, received an all-new 2006 Jeep Commander today from Chrysler Group. The donation was made on behalf of California Highway Patrol Officer J.C. Dodd, a search and rescue helicopter pilot, who was recently named a grand prize winner in the Jeep Heroes Nomination Program. The program recognizes military, police, fire and emergency medical services personnel who deliver exemplary and heroic service to their communities.

In a special ceremony at Loaves and Fishes, Officer Dodd was honored by state and local dignitaries and special guests, including state Senator Dave Cox. Tim Brown, Loaves and Fishes executive director, was presented with the keys to the new Jeep Commander and a $10,000 check from the DaimlerChrysler Corporation Fund, which the organization will use to help meet the needs of Sacramento’s homeless community this holiday season.