Ram Rash Spreading Overseas

Posted Dec 6, 2006, 04:18 PM by Mike Ellis
Category: Sales and Marketing


Reports out of Europe say that the
Ram Rash infection is spreading, popping up in new cities everyday.
Symptoms include a red rash (shown below), headstrong behavior, and
massive bleating (that’s not a typo).
Young men and women who look like
models appear to be particularly susceptible.
For more information on the
outbreak, see the news reports at www.RamRash.com.

Coinciding with the flare-up is
growing sales of the Chrysler Group vehicles in international
markets. Sales outside North America are up 14 percent to 186,080
units through the first 11 months this year, and have already
beaten 2005 results for the entire calendar year at 180,088
For most of this year, the
Chrysler Group has been the fastest growing brand group in Europe
on a month-over-month basis, and executives are confident that
sales will be up by double-digit amounts from last year.
The Dodge Caliber has only been on
the market since June in Europe, and the car is selling as fast as
they’re shipped. Sales have already topped 15,000 this year
in the international market, making it one of the Chrysler
Group’s top sellers.
Sales in Italy and the United
Kingdom have been especially strong. Strange, because according to
the CCD (the Center for Contagious Driving) the Ram Rash has also
been spreading quickly in those to areas.


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