Mercedes-Benz Commissions Jung von Matt as its New Advertising Agency

* Long-term partnership with the new lead agency for the world’s oldest and most valuable premium car brand

* Key cooperation goals include generating new momentum and coming up with outstanding ideas for a fascinating new Mercedes-Benz brand image

Stuttgart, Jun 22, 2006
DaimlerChrysler has commissioned Jung von Matt AG to be the new advertising agency for its premium Mercedes-Benz brand. Based in Hamburg, Jung von Matt AG will serve as the lead agency for the brand and be responsible for the key strategic and creative tasks associated with the communication of the Mercedes-Benz brand.

“Mercedes-Benz is the most valuable premium car brand in the world,” says Dr. Klaus Maier, Executive Vice-President Mercedes Car Group, responsible for Sales and Marketing. “People rightfully expect our brand to provide top performance in every respect – something that we also seek to achieve in our brand communication. Together with our new partner Jung von Matt, we aim to use intelligent, emotional and efficient communication measures to further promote the brand image.”

Under the direction of Dr. Olaf Göttgens, head of Mercedes-Benz Brand Communications, the brand communication department will focus even more strongly on creating a fascinating brand experience for our customers. By employing a first-rate integrated communications approach and the very best in customer support, Mercedes aims to get existing and potential customers enthusiastic about the brand. “Thanks to our cooperation with Jung von Matt, we’ll be getting support from one of the most creative agencies in the world,” says Göttgens. “We’re convinced we’ve found the perfect team for providing us with distinctive ideas and innovative communication solutions. On the international level we will continue to work together with the best agencies worldwide.“

All in all, Jung von Matt will be responsible for developing the strategy, providing advice and creating integrated global communications concepts. At Jung von Matt the responsibility for managing the Mercedes-Benz account will mainly be in the hands of Jean-Remy von Matt and Holger Jung. Besides ensuring effective communications, the cooperation between Mercedes-Benz and Jung von Matt aims to create lean processes that will enable projects to be implemented rapidly.

Because of the change in the lead agency, the long partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Springer & Jacoby will be coming to an end. The two companies have cooperated successfully for 16 years – an unusually long time in the advertising industry. During the two Mercedes-Benz product offensive campaigns launched between the start of the collaboration in February 1990 and the present day, the brand increased its passenger car lineup from five to 15 model series. During this period, sales rose to approximately 1.1 million passenger cars. The Mercedes Team at Springer & Jacoby contributed to these successes by launching a large number of award-winning advertising campaigns.


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