Worldwide sales at Mercedes Car Group up 17 percent in May

  • Mercedes-Benz deliveries in May climb by 22 percent to 101,800 units
    • GL-Class successfully launched in the U.S.
    • European launch of the new generation E-Class on June 10
    Stuttgart, Jun 07, 2006

    Sales of Mercedes Car Group passenger cars were up by a strong 17 percent in May 2006, to a record 112,700 units (May 2005: 96,700 units). In the first five months of 2006, sales of Mercedes-Benz, Maybach and smart passenger cars totaled 508,500 units, a nine-percent increase over the same period last year (January – May 2005: 465,400 units).

    At Mercedes-Benz, sales rose in May by 22 percent to the record mark of 101,800 units (May 2005: 83,600 units). From January to May, Mercedes-Benz delivered 459,100 passenger cars to customers around the world, up by 14 percent on the figure for the first five months of 2005 (402,400 units). The growth has been fueled by strongly rising sales in all regions. In Western Europe, sales of Mercedes-Benz cars increased by 25 percent in May to 62,400 units. Among the European markets, Germany showed a particularly strong gain of 23 percent, to 29,800 Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. Another sales record also was set in the U.S., with sales there increasing 21 percent to 21,600 units. In the Asia/Pacific region, deliveries were up by 12 percent to a record 10,200 units.

    The S-Class also set a sales record (8,200 vehicles) in May, further strengthening its position as the world’s best-selling luxury sedan. Since the beginning of the year, 40,700 luxury sedans have been handed over to their new owners.

    Meanwhile, the new M-Class continues its successful run. In May, 9,500 units of the premium off-road vehicle were sold worldwide. And the attractive range of Mercedes-Benz products in the SUV segment has been enhanced further by the new GL-Class. In April, the luxurious full-size SUV was launched in the U.S. with great success; 3,100 of the vehicles have already been sold. Beginning in September, the new GL-Class also will be available in Europe.
    Sales are expected to get a further boost this summer, when the new generation E Class hits showrooms on June 10 in Europe and a few weeks later in the U.S. With new engines, pioneering safety features and state-of-the-art light technology, the E-Class is setting new standards in the high-end segment.

    In May 2006, the smart brand delivered 10,900 vehicles to customers worldwide. For the first five months of the year, sales totaled 49,400 units.

    Overview of Mercedes Car Group Sales

      May 2006 Change
    in %
    – May 2006

    in %

    Mercedes-Benz 101,800 + 21.8 459,100 + 14.1
    smart 10,900 – 16.6 49,400 – 21.5
    Car Group
    112,700 +
    508,500 +
    of which
    Western Europe
    (excl. Germany)
    39,700 + 15.5 187,400 + 9.5
    Germany 32,700 + 17.9 133,100 – 1.3
    21,600 + 21.4 94,100 + 17.1
    Asia/Pacific 10,500 +10.9 54,500 + 20.8

    * Mercedes-Benz passenger cars

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