Global Electric Motorcars, LLC, Celebrates Production Launch of All New Six-Passenger GEM Electric Vehicles

* Worldwide leader in production and sales of low-speed neighborhood electric vehicles
* Product lineup expands for clean, quiet, convenient, fun-to-drive GEM vehicles
* Steady market growth expected to continue

Fargo, N.D., Apr 20, 2006 –

Global Electric Motorcars, LLC, a DaimlerChrysler company, today launched production of its all-new six-passenger GEM electric vehicle at the company’s headquarters and assembly plant in Fargo, N.D.

The GEM e6 is being added to the current GEM lineup of two- and four-passenger vehicles and two utility vehicle models. The street-legal GEM e6 is the perfect local transportation solution for larger families or shuttling groups of people.

“We created this new GEM model as a result of customer demand,” said Rick Kasper, President and Chief Operating Officer of Global Electric Motorcars.

“The GEM e6 is the perfect local transportation solution for larger families or for transporting groups of people around real estate developments, theme parks as well as around business, college and medical campuses. With the “S” package, the GEM e6 is the perfect all-around shuttle and delivery vehicle for use on roads within resorts, airports and military bases where ruggedness and continuous-duty is an issue.”

California remains the strongest market for zero-emission GEM vehicles, along with Sun Belt states such as Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida and Hawaii.

“We’ve just completed a 15-city tour to introduce our upgraded 2006 model lineup, and we’re capping it off today with our celebration of the first six-passenger production vehicles to come off the assembly line. We’re anxious to get these vehicles to our customers who have ordered them sight-unseen,” said Kasper.

The 2006 model lineup has been improved and adds 15 new options. One improvement includes a heavy-duty motor and motor controller with integral cooling for use in extreme duty-cycle operation. Over the past few years, Global Electric Motorcars has made many engineering improvements, including:

* Redesigning the chassis to use automotive suspension and braking systems
* Widening the track
* Reducing turning radius, and
* Adding a “smart” battery charger with GEM-proprietary charging algorithms that provide maximum range driving after each recharge cycle and extend the battery pack life.

“Our leadership in the NEV market includes our commitment to continuous product improvements, as well as new product offerings,” said Kasper.

Global Electric Motorcars, LLC is the leading manufacturer of neighborhood electric vehicles in the world. They provide clean, quiet, convenient and low-cost transportation in locations such as master planned communities, college and university campuses, military bases, airports, state and national parks, resorts, city centers and industrial and commercial campuses.

GEM vehicles have a top speed of 25 mph, can be driven on roadways posted up to 35 mph, and meet all federal safety standards for Low Speed Vehicles. They are classified as zero emission vehicles.

“Projections are for continued market growth for neighborhood electric vehicles,” said Larry Oswald, CEO and Director of the GEM and Electric Vehicle Product Team for DaimlerChrysler.

“Global Electric Motorcars, LLC is already the industry leader and with this new e6 model we are preparing to extend our leadership even further in the NEV market.”

In addition to being the top-selling street-legal all-electric vehicle in the United States, Global Electric Motorcars, LLC has recently expanded its marketing internationally with new distributors in Western Europe.

Global Electric Motorcars, LLC, has also been a significant contributor to the economy of Fargo and the state of North Dakota, with more than 80 jobs and $3.4 million in annual payroll.


Additional information and news from Global Electric Motorcars, LLC, is available on the Internet at:


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