Auto Show Test Track

Posted Feb 9, 2006, 5:42 PM by George Murphy
Category: Chicago Auto Show


What a blast! Instead of just sniffing around the vehicles at an
auto show or climbing in and out or kicking the tires, attendees at
this year’s Chicago Auto Show will get to test drive Chrysler Group
cars and trucks on a specially built course inside McCormick Place.

This year’s version is an expansion of the Camp Jeep course used in
previous years.

During media previews this week at the Chicago show, we caught up
with George Murphy, Chrysler Group Senior Vice President – Global
Marketing, who told us about the cool new additions to the Test
Drive course.
“This year we expanded Jeep ® a little bit, and some
performance driving on the car side. You can only get up to 30
miles an hour but in the space you’re in you think you’re doing 70
so now people are going to get the thrill of going fast and

Truck is all about showing the capability of the trucks from a
load bearing point of view and articulation and the climbing.

The thing we like about its consumers typically spend 7 minutes at
an auto show stand, last year they spent 44 minutes, so we’re
basically capturing more these people’s time, which you like to do.
We had 63,000 test drives of which 10 percent bought a vehicle,
this year our goal is to have 100,000 test drives.
If you talk to the dealers, they do see a surge coming in after the
show, and with the test drives they’re seeing people coming in
specifically requesting a vehicle. It quickly gets them into the

“We’ve had a Jeep- only version in New York. This year we added one
to Cleveland and Washington D.C. and probably the next one will be
L.A.which moves into a new convention center in the fall, so we’ll
put a fairly large-scale one in there.”


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