Consumers Say Challenger is Favorite Pony

Posted Jan 13, 2006, 11:12 AM by Editor
Category: Dodge


The Dodge Challenger concept car revved enthusiasts participating
in the Pony Poll by our friends at

After running neck and neck with the Chevy Camaro concept, the
Challenger pulled out the victory with 51 percent of the vote,
ourpolling the other pony 5,125 to 4,863 for Best in Show at the
Detroit Auto Show.

That’s not the Challenger’s only honor. The editorial staff at
AutoWeek Magazine voted it Best Concept car at the show.


One Response to “Consumers Say Challenger is Favorite Pony”

  1. Theo Orfanos Says:

    I love the challenger concept. I think it’ll be nice to bring back the american musle car heritage. Unlike the camaro concept, the challenger can tie it’s roots back to the original, with it’s similar(yet not completely the same)look. If they can’t do any better that that with the camaro, they should let it die gracefully.

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