Drool Days

Posted Dec 6, 2005, 2:38 PM
From TheFirehouse.biz:

We haven’t seen such excitement over a car since the Chrysler 300 knocked the competition on its collective rear quarter panels. Still a month before we take the wraps off the Dodge Challenger concept vehicle at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, there’s no holding back the groundswell demanding we build a production version of the sucker. And that’s just after a sketch we released and some muddy spy photos that have filtered out! Imagine the roar once the real thing makes its debut.
As proof of the clamor for the Challenger, Ken Juran, online automotive editor at Popular Mechanics, called our attention to the passion expressed by the magazine’s online readers.
Here’s a sampling:

*That is the hottest thing that came from Detroit since the muscle car era ended in the early 1970s…please build it, I am so sick of Mustangs being the only pony cars now.
*Dodge needs to come out with one of these with the 6.1 Hemi so we can go mop up those lousy Fords. Final word: Love it and please build it.
*Market the Challenger as a 2- door sporty car just like the Mustang. DC has more than enough four- door cars for people with families.
*Love this car!!! I just hope that the production apple doesn’t fall far from the concept tree.
*It’s time to give us what we want. This is what we want DODGE!!!!
*Finally!!! The car I have been waiting for my whole life….
*Dodge should do one thing that Ford refuses to do – make the back seat accommodate 3 people.
*Guys check out http://www.allpar.com for the spy photos…oh my god…i need to change pants
*Sex on wheels
*This is where the HEMI belongs!! I WANT ONE BAAAAAAAAAAD!

If you haven’t done so already, give a listen to our podcast with Kevin Verduyn, Design Chief at the Advance Product Design Studio in Pacifica, Calif., who discusses the Challenger and prospects for putting one in your driveway. Just click on the “Podcast” category listed to the right.

The 07 Challanger discussion forum



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