Dodge News and Events

The Ultimate Dodge Charger Fantasy Contest

Unleash your imagination! When we challenged you to start your computer engines and digitally create the ultimate Dodge Charger, you grabbed the chance by the horns!

Four contest winners will be announced in the December issues of Popular Photography and Imagine magazines. Check out the winning designs:

Ultimate Charger Winners

Dodge Gaming

Like the bold and powerful Dodge lineup, these cool games deliver driving fun. Bring it!
Coming in November:

  • Charger Racing for Pinks — put it all on the line and hit the streets in a new 2006 Dodge Charger.
  • Charger Urban Racing (C.U.R.B) — a thrilling street racing simulation showcasing all Charger models, including the ultimate tricked out SRT8
  • Stow ‘n Go™ Challenge — rack up points while you test your hand/eye coordination stowing cargo in a Dodge Caravan.

And more.

Go Dodge Gaming

Win a Dodge Magnum SXT with Pepsi!

Are you ready for the ride of your life?
Look inside specialty marked 12 & 24 packs of participating Pepsi brands for a chance to win your very own Holiday surprise! An all-new 2006 Magnum SXT is up for grabs as part of the Pepsi Holiday Packs Promotion.‡

Go to for more details

The New Dodge HEMI® Star

That thing got a HEMI®?
Dodge has selected five HEMI Star finalists from the many Dodge fans who sent in entries. Now you can watch their auditions, plus the hilarious outtakes from folks who didn’t quite make the cut, but who we love anyway. Look for the HEMI star winner coming soon in Dodge commercials.
Watch the Finalists and the Outtakes

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One Response to “Dodge News and Events”

  1. Eugene Maccaslin Says:

    The world has been making cars for a good number of years now and you would think that they could have by now made an auto that was easy to work on. Every car maker has at least a dozen alternators, that many and more water pumps, can’t count how many fuel pumps and a whole bunch of airconditioning compressors. All they need is small, medium and large. There is no good reason that an alternator can’t be made that can be replaced in 10 minutes or less. The car maker that actually makes a car with repair in mind and produces a reliable product will corner the market.

    I have also noticed that it is extreamely difficult to email the carmakers with any idea so I am assuming that they really don’t want to hear from their consumers.
    Eugene MacCaslin

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