Some Negative eBay Feedback

by Christopher Hogan
Category: Security

From Christoper Hogan, Chrysler Group Senior Manager Special Security Services:

We want to make you aware of a situation that your readers or audience needs to know about because it involves the popular Internet shopping site eBay and the illegal sale of Chrysler property.
On Thursday Nov. 10, a former maintenance technician at the Chrysler Group St. Louis Assembly Plant North in Fenton, Mo., was sentenced to 13 months in prison for stealing auto parts from the plant and selling them on eBay. 45-year old Ronald Casagrande of Florissant, Mo. must also pay $131,136 in restitution and serve three years of supervised release. Here’s what happened: Casagrande was caught when Chrysler Group security became suspicious about a seller named “Tommy Dodge” who sold brand new Chrysler parts on eBay. It didn’t take long for authorities to trace the true identity of “Tommy Dodge” to Casagrande. When police issued a warrant against him they found $60,000 worth of stolen Chrysler parts in his basement. The U.S. Attorney’s office said between November 2002 and December 2003, Casagrande sold the stolen auto parts, which included radios, instrument clusters, air bags and logos on eBay, hauling in as much as $78,000. We want everyone to know the Company won’t tolerate such a breach of its security policies. Chrysler Group Security is responsible for protecting the Company’s people and property. The Chrysler Group supports an aggressive enforcement policy, and when an investigation indicates that criminal law has been violated, we turn the information over to authorities for criminal prosecution.

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