Mopar® gears up for 2006 drifting season

Mopar® gears up for 2006 drifting season

Mopar® will hold a press conference tomorrow afternoon from the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas. Mopar has captured a championship and the respect of the drifting faithful in only two years, winning the 2004 Inaugural Formula Drift championship and finishing as runner-up in 2005. “Over the last couple years, Mopar has made impressive headlines driving sideways,” said B.J. Birtwell, Youth and Urban Marketing Manager. “Mopar means business. However, our passion to reclaim the championship trophy will be undeniably evident at this year’s 2005 SEMA Show.” In addition to the SEMA announcement, Mopar also is preparing to launch a new Web site that will cater to the drifting scene. The new site is geared toward the urban movement and new generation of Mopar enthusiasts. Drift fans and tuner enthusiasts also will be able to explore Mopar’s dedication to drifting and the brand’s philosophy.


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