Get Better Fuel Economy

These tips are general, so they apply no matter what kind of vehicle you drive.

Remove any unnecessary cargo or extra weight.

On the highway and long trips, use cruise control.

Accelerate before hills and coast before the crest of the hill, “in other words” Let the momentum of your vehicle help maintain a consistent speed, rather than using the gas and brake to do it.

Avoid hard/fast acceleration – accelerate slowly. Drive as if there is an egg between your foot and the gas pedal.

When you know you have a stop coming up, let off the gas and let the Vehicle slow down naturally, rather than waiting till the last second and jamming on the brakes.

Don’t Tailgate! I hate people that do this! Your wasting gas and your an idiot that helps promote road rage! The faster you go, the more space you should have between you and the car in front of you.

Keep your tires properly inflated – under inflated tires can cause extra drag and overinflated tires can be dangerous as well. Check the owner manual for the recommended pressure.

Don’t use air conditioning unless you need it, This includes your Defrost, the A/C compressor runs when at this setting as well.

Maintain your vehicle – keep the air filter clean (important!), do proper maintenance. change the oil every 3 months or 3000 miles, which ever comes first.

Drive 55mph or the speed limit – the faster you go at those higher speeds, the more gas your vehicle consumes.

Keep track of your mileage, Monitor your mileage and see what works for you and what doesn’t.

Plan more efficient routes – Consider the number of stops you have, a little longer route may actually be better! Also, make less trips – try to do as many tasks as you can in one trip, rather than doing one task per trip.

Drive with the tailgate UP – It is a myth that you will get better mileage with the tailgate down. Keep it up if you want the best mileage.

Install aftermarket performance parts – it’s well known that installing things such as a K&N air filter, aftermarket exhaust systems, an electric fan, among other items, can help get better gas mileage.

In cold weather, don’t warm up your truck for more than 2 minutes, unless it’s 15 years old or older.

Keep your expectations realistic – remember you’re driving 5,000 lbs of glass, steel, and plastic.

Try different brands of gasoline – some gasolines have different formulas and you may notice your engine running rougher with a particular brand of gasoline.

Only use Higher Octane gas if necessary, most engines don’t need it, so don’t waste your money buying it.

Buy gas in the morning – gas is sold by volume and expands when warm. So fill the tank up early morning (dawn is the optimum time) when the gas is cold and dense. This way, when it warms up, it expands and you have more than you would have if you bought it warm.

Consider the bus. Public transportation runs anyway, why not use it? If you’re environmentally conscientious, you might even want to ride your bike and get some exercise.

Carpool – this will definitely save on the gas bill.

Try using synthetic oil, it can give you a slight increase in mileage.

Keep your vehicle clean – a freshly washed and waxed vehicle has less resistance helping you cut through the air easier. If anything it looks better.

If your expecting to get the fuel mileage listed on the window sticker, Your only fooling yourself! That mileage is only achieved under PERFECT DRIVING CONDITIONS! and you will probably NEVER see those conditions.

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