If your Drive then YOU MUST READ THIS

I travel State to State daily, I’ve run into every type of bad driver there is.
I have found this eye test on the web and I think it might open a few eyes “so to say”, to just how important it is to move ones head BEFORE making lane changes, or to just SEE whats going on around you.
Mirrors are not fool proof! they have MANY blind spots to them, and so do your own eyes!

Take this simple test and you will see exactly what I am talking about.

If your eyes follow the movement of the rotating pink dot, you will only see one color, pink.
If you stare at the black + in the center, the moving dot turns to green.

Now, concentrate on the black + in the center of the picture. After a short period of time,
all the pink dots will slowly disappear, and you will only see a green dot rotating if you’re lucky!

It’s amazing how our brain works. There really is no green dot, and the pink ones really don’t disappear.
This should be proof enough, we don’t always see what we think we see.

Eye test


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