New light-duty Axor tippers and concrete mixers

New light-duty Axor tippers and concrete mixers
Amsterdam, 10/17/2005 – As a specialist for heavy distribution operations, the Axor series creates a link between the Atego and the Actros and has been completely restructured to this end. In addition to the previous two and three-axle semitrailer tractors (4×2 and 6×2), there are heavy solo trucks with two axles and a gross vehicle weight of 18 t, three-axle variants with 25 t (6×2) and 26 t (6×4) gross vehicle weight and four-axle variants in an 8×4 configuration as a platform for tipper and concrete mixer bodies. By virtue of the Mercedes-Benz modular construction system, this has produced a self-contained family of heavy trucks below the Actros with the main focus on distribution and construction operations.

In a different payload category, the three and four-axle Axor models for construction operations have a role comparable to that of the Actros family. Accordingly the new Axor construction variants are designed for the particularly payload-sensitive construction sector with a high proportion of on-road applications. Compared to the Actros, which is designed for traction, overload capability and difficult terrain, the Axor has a payload advantage of up to 300 kg as a tipper and up to 200 kg as a concrete mixer.

For customers supplying the construction industry the light tippers and concrete mixers provide a real cash benefit, for in view of increasing cost pressure it is the actual freight or payload that is increasingly important for operators carrying bulk materials or delivering concrete.

The optimised payload of the new construction Axor from 260 kW (354 hp) has been achieved with a number of new features. Firstly, the vehicle has a cab with a significant weight advantage over the Actros. Other examples of these improvements include weight-optimised bumpers of impact-resistant plastic with a swing-out step, parabolic front springs and fully-shrouded, maintenance-friendly disc brakes on the front and rear axles instead of drum brakes. In left-hand-drive versions, the front air intake and optional exhaust mounted between the second and third axle of four-axle variants help to ensure that the Axor does not tip the scales at a single gram too much.

The new Axor models for light construction site operations are equipped with pneumatic brakes with a constant pressure of 10 bar – ensuring short braking distances and low fading under frequent use. The disc brakes used for the first time are a new feature for off-road vehicles. In conjunction with the optional, electronically controlled Telligent braking system, this means that the Axor sets new standards in terms of braking safety.

The new tippers and concrete mixers are celebrating their exhibition premiere at the RAI Commercial Vehicle Show in Amsterdam from October 14 to 22, 2005. This means that in the Mercedes-Benz range of construction vehicles, the Actros and Atego are now joined by the new Axor from 260 kW (354 hp) as a construction truck designed for special-purpose operations.


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