Personal Biodiesel Production System

Personal Biodiesel Production System

As seen on SPIKE tv, on TRUCKS. “Watch this one if your interested in Biodiesel”

With a FuelMeister you don’t have to be a plumber or mechanic to make your own biodiesel. This is not a hobby kit but a fully-assembled and tested system built with quality materials. You get all the specialized equipment and accessories you need to start making biodiesel that same day. All you need to add is vegetable oil, methanol, lye, electricity and tap water. The whole setup fits comfortably in the corner of your garage. And because it’s a “closed” system you won’t have to pour or stir any liquids. A digital scale is included so you can accurately measure your own lye. The FuelMeister will turn even heavily used cooking oil into clean burning, biodegradable and smooth-running biodiesel. Whatever you own that runs on #2 diesel fuel you can power with the biodiesel you produce with your own FuelMeister processor system.

Biodiesel Advantages

Costs only 70 cents per gallon to make
80% lower emissions than fossil diesel
Made mostly from waste vegetable oil
As biodegradable as table salt
Use it in vehicles, generators, furnaces
Can be used alone or with fossil diesel
Exhaust smells like a deep-fat fryer
Reduces dependency on foreign oil
Dramatically reduces diesel pollution
Engines run smoother, last longer

Fits in corner of garage or shed
Completely assembled & tested
Handles most used vegetable oils
Supplies cost less than $0.70/gal
Makes 40 gallons in about 2 days
Takes about 1 hr. hands-on time
Completely closed & fumeless
No pouring or hand-mixing liquids
Digital scale to measure your lye
Real-time catalyst pre-mixer
Built-in water mist wash system
Industrial-grade materials


Processor Tank & Stand
Catalyst Premix Tank & Stand
Alcohol Pump Kit
Oil Drawtube Kit
Digital Lye Scale Kit
Oil Titration Test Kit
Mini-batch Kit
Operator Safety Kit
System Maintenance Kit
Illustrated Step-by-Step Manual

COMPLETE SYSTEM: The FuelMeister comes with a full set of accessories. This means you can start making biodiesel the same day you receive your system. From oil draw plumbing to titration kit to digital lye scale, everything has been thought out for your safety, convenience and confidence in the process from start to finish. All you need is a barrel of used fryer oil (FREE), lye (20¢/gal. biodiesel), a barrel of racing methanol ($0.50 /gal. biodiesel), a barrel for your biodiesel, AC power and a water hose.

For those looking for more information on this product, Please visit the site by clicking here


4 Responses to “Personal Biodiesel Production System”

  1. Jerry Raby Says:

    I would Like info on how much this machine cost and does it include s&h?


    (afzal s. popatpotra)
    rajkot (India)
    E-mail :

  3. Tony Says:

    I saw the show on TV today which had a biodiesel kit that produced clean biodiesel from waste oil. When I did some research I found Home Biodiesel Kits on yahoo and they have almost the same kit for under $2000. Is there a way to make your own biodiesel kit as good as these from scratch?

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