Furniture for MOPAR men

After that last article on the HemiDog, I started thinking that sure would make a fine addition to my living room, But I would have to change a few other pieces of furniture to get the look us Mopar men have been looking for, and here is what I found.

Lets see…. The HemiDog would be by the door….

We’ll need a coffee table to draw performance minded eyes to the center of the room…

Naaa…. Need somthing with alittle more meat…..


O.K. Now for a nice manly recliner….

Hummmm… Not in my house bow tie boy!

Yea, thats it…. I can even downshift for a nap after the race.

Now for a couch, Gotta have room for my gear head friends….

Cool! Now thats what all men want, here’s a few different views of this work of art….

I’ve got a few old tires that I could use like that!

Exhaust pipes on my couch, Who would of guessed, be nice when my buds raid the bean dip!

Lets not forget about the BAR!

Now for the finishing touch… I’ll need a place for that lamp…..

Welcome to my world :mrgreen:


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