Chrysler Group Licenses Its Transmission Fluid, ATF+4®, for Retail and Commercial Usage :!:

Chrysler Group Licenses Its Transmission Fluid, ATF+4®, for Retail and Commercial Usage

“Didn’t think this would ever happen!”

Auburn Hills, Mich., Aug 12, 2005 –
In response to marketplace demands and evolving vehicle technology, Chrysler Group has established a licensing program for its advanced synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid, ATF+4®. This program will allow ATF+4 to be made available at retail outlets and through independent repair facilities for Chrysler, Jeep® and Dodge vehicle automatic transmissions, beginning September 1, 2005.

A first in the industry, Chrysler Group chose to work with the Lubrizol Corporation to develop a transmission fluid that sets new standards of performance in the marketplace and provides significant reduction in component wear. This technology also offers superior temperature performance, providing consistent shift quality and exceptional friction modifying properties. The durability of ATF+4 has been successfully proven through more than one million miles of testing in severe environments and an intensive Chrysler Group validation process.

ATF+4 will be implemented through issuance of licenses to major and independent oil companies. Each blender and re-brander involved in the production and sale of ATF+4 will be licensed, facility accredited and periodically market-sampled to ensure consistent quality. Its quality level will be closely monitored by the Center for Quality Assurance, through each step in the fluid’s progress from license through commercialization.

“The benefits of licensing our ATF+4 product will allow the millions of Chrysler Group owners with vehicles still on the road to receive transmission fluid that is designed exactly for their vehicle,” said Dennis Florkowski, Chrysler Group Senior Specialist/Supervisor – Chrysler Fluids Group. “Using ATF+4 ensures a longer transmission life with regular servicing as described in the vehicle owner’s manual.”

ATF+4 is approved for use in older transmissions and will be utilized in all future Chrysler Group vehicles. The previous MOPAR ATF+3 formulation will be discontinued and ATF+4 is recommended for all transmissions filled with ATF+3.

Only certified ATF+4 is recommended for service of Chrysler Group vehicles. The use of automatic transmission fluids other than ATF+4, including those claiming to be like ATF+4, could result in lower levels of performance and jeopardize transmission life.

The ATF+4 licensing program will be initiated in North America and subsequently expand worldwide. Program license and administration will be managed by the Center for Quality Assurance, located in Midland, Michigan.

For more information concerning this program and licensing, please contact Rebecca Cox, Director, The Center for Quality Assurance, 989-496-2399 (phone), 989-496-3438 (fax), or

The ATF+4 Automatic Transmission Fluid formulation is exclusive to DaimlerChrysler and ATF+4® is a registered trademark of DaimlerChrysler Corporation.


7 Responses to “Chrysler Group Licenses Its Transmission Fluid, ATF+4®, for Retail and Commercial Usage :!:”

  1. Gary V Says:

    I have a 2003 Jaguar X-Type with a The(JATCO) JF506E model automatic transmission, five speed automatic transmission.
    WILL THE ATF+4 Synthetic Fluid Work With That Transmission ?

  2. High Octane Says:

    I don’t suggest you use ATF-4 in a Jag, I called a Jag dealer and they said to use Jag trans fluid# C2512120 in your trans.

  3. Jean-Francois Gagnon Says:

    I work at a Jaguar dealer in Montreal, Qc. The correct part number is C2S-12120 not C25-12120. 😉

  4. High Octane Says:

    Thanks for the correction, All the years as a parts adviser, and I still can’t always tell the S from the 5!

  5. clifton Says:

    I also have the jatco jf506e in my 2003 x type 2.5 jaguar. It fluid from the dealer is 50.00 a liter. This transmission is in other vehicles and they are not charging 50 dollars a liter is there some cheaper fluid that will work. thanks clifotn

  6. Dennis Says:

    I echo Clifton’s question..Is there another fluid that is less costly, that is totally compatible with the Jatco 3100 PL085 ATF?

  7. jerry reyna Says:

    I have heard that Royal Purple MAX atf works as well.

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