“Oh, Say Can You See …” 140 Jeep® Vehicles in Giant American Flag Formation to Raise Awareness of National Anthem Project

“Oh, Say Can You See …” 140 Jeep® Vehicles in Giant American Flag Formation to Raise Awareness of National Anthem Project

Red, white, blue and silver Jeep® vehicles create largest American flag of its kind
The Oak Ridge Boys, musical ambassadors for the National Anthem Project, sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” with hundreds of Jeep owners
Flag celebrates Jeep brand’s sponsorship of multi-year initiative to re-teach Americans the words to the National Anthem

Mount Pocono, Pa., Aug 11, 2005 –
With broad stripes and bright stars, the largest American flag of its kind was created by hundreds of Jeep® owners from across the country and their red, white, blue and silver vehicles in the Pocono Mountains as part of the National Anthem Project, a national effort to re-teach Americans the words to “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Two out of three Americans don’t know the words to “The Star-Spangled Banner,” according to a Harris Poll survey. The giant American flag was created to celebrate “The National Anthem Project: Restoring America’s Voice,” a multi-year national education initiative created by the National Association for Music Education (MENC) and the Jeep brand’s role as the National Presenting Sponsor. First Lady Laura Bush serves as Honorary Chairperson.

The Grammy award-winning Oak Ridge Boys, who serve as the official musical ambassadors for the National Anthem Project, led the Jeep owners in the singing of the national anthem.

The flag was created thanks to the help of 140 Jeep vehicles and their owners, representing 24 of 50 states, attending the 11th annual Camp Jeep® in the Pocono Mountains. It measured approximately 73 ft. wide by 191 ft. long and weighed nearly 226 tons. To create this unique flag, owners positioned their vehicles in alternating rows of red and white and silver Jeep vehicles to form the stripes of the flag. Blue vehicles formed the blue field with owners holding the 50 stars to complete “Old Glory.”

“The gathering of Jeep owners from across the U.S., who made this American flag with pride, reinforces the Jeep brand’s patriotic American heritage,” said Jeff Bell, Vice President – Jeep. “The Jeep experience is about freedom. We’re proud to be the National Presenting Sponsor with MENC to celebrate our national anthem and the American flag – two of our nation’s proudest symbols.”

“It is important that all Americans understand the history and significance of our national anthem. We want to remind all Americans to cherish our national treasures and to celebrate our unity and our values in song,” said John Mahlmann, Executive Director of the MENC. “We’re so pleased that Jeep is helping us in this important mission to restore America’s voice.”

As National Presenting Sponsor, the Jeep brand will be involved in the multi-faceted National Anthem Project initiative, including education outreach in schools across the country, special performances and alliances with professional sporting events, and an extensive tour stopping in cities nationwide to restore America’s voice. The campaign aims to renew national awareness of American traditions, promote the significance and history of the national anthem, and re-teach America to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” while spotlighting the important role of school music education in this country.


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