2006 Dodge Charger, the General Lee

With all the hype about the movie, I had to post the old and the new General Lee’s ๐Ÿ˜€

The folks at Performance Dodge, have taken a 2005 Dodge Charger and customized it to resemble the General Lee. You can find the site here The Performance Dodge Team They Estimate the Conversion Total to be around $20,000!
Stop over and take a look, they have taken pictures while the customization was being done.

Here is a list of the basics of what they did:

Removed Engine and Transmission Assemblies
Removed Front and Rear Bumperss
Removed All Doors
Removed Hood and Decklid
Removed All Glass
Removed All Inner Fender Wells
Shaved The Rear Door Handles
Painted with Hugger Orange Paint
Painted Engine Cover and Hood Props
Installed Rear Remote Door Pops
Recovered Seats with Katzkin Seat Covers
Installed Remote Start
Installed DVD Player Media System
Installed U-Connect Cell Phone System
Installed Sill Guards w/lighted Charger Logo
Installed Mopar Performance Exhaust w/front muffers removed
Installed Mopar Cold Air Intake System
Installed General Lee Stickers
Installed Dixie Horn System
Powder Coated Brake Calipers
Installed 20″ Wheels and Tires
Installed Police Edition Push Bar


One Response to “2006 Dodge Charger, the General Lee”

  1. Eddy Says:

    It’s a great looking car but the tires are way off and that paint schemes to red looking compared to the original general lee. but i’ll take mine without all the extra garbage like a dvd player and cell phone crap. it is uneeded weight while smoking rustangs. now when we gonna get a real daytona one with the right nose and wing and dodge needs to drop those extra doors for the new charger or call it a magnum sedan instead when they remodel it.

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