Three Out of Four Adults Say Automobiles Have Faces Too, According to a Chrysler Group/Goodmind LLC Survey

Three Out of Four Adults Say Automobiles Have Faces Too, According to a Chrysler Group/Goodmind LLC Survey

Survey reveals great faces of men, women and automobiles
Majority of consumers surveyed agree “beauty is more than skin deep”
Character is considered the most important aspect of a “great face”


Auburn Hills, Mich., Jul 11, 2005 –
What do Brad Pitt, Halle Berry and the Chrysler 300C have in common? They all have great faces according to a survey released today by the Chrysler Group and Goodmind LLC.

As the most awarded new car ever*, the Chrysler 300 is known for its design and “great face.” The survey looks at what attributes contribute to a great face, what faces embody those characteristics — man, woman or automobile — and what defines beauty.

Brad Pitt (29%) and Halle Berry (31%) were named the greatest male and female faces of all time followed by Robert Redford (26%), Johnny Depp (19%), Audrey Hepburn (21%) and Julia Roberts (19%).

Survey results also revealed that balance and elegance were the two most appealing attributes of a beautiful face shape with 41 and 23 percent of respondents identifying them as the most important features, respectively. Nevertheless, 74 percent of survey respondents said beauty is more than skin deep; and 45 percent of respondents said character helps to define beauty.

“When you combine balance and elegance the end result is always going to be a beautiful face, whether it’s on a vehicle or someone we know,” said Dr. Darrick Antell, one of New York’s top plastic surgeons and Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. “Depth of character and an attractive personality can improve appearance further and radiate greatness from within.”

Bad Ass Look

When it comes to noticing the greatest automobile faces, the Chrysler 300C was selected second only to the Lamborghini.

Seventy-four percent (74%) of respondents think automobiles have great faces with the Chrysler 300C ranking second only to the Lamborghini.

“The study reveals that a beautiful face is a result of the whole package and that is also true with automobiles,” said John Greenberg, vice president, Goodmind. “Having earned numerous accolades since its introduction to the marketplace, the Chrysler 300 is a superb example of a vehicle that has achieved the perfect balance of beauty and performance.”


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