Diesel in the United States

Diesel in the United States

Auburn Hills, Mich., Jul 18, 2005 –
The new era of DaimlerChrysler diesel passenger vehicles in North America began with the market launches of the Mercedes-Benz E320 CDI and the 2005 Jeep® Liberty CRD.
Daimler Chrysler Diesel
The rebirth of the diesel passenger-car market in the U.S. is made possible by advances in diesel technology, such as common-rail direct-injection fuel systems and advances in precision computer controls that have created today’s modern clean-running diesel powertrains.

Consumer interest in the products has been high. The original production run of E320s sold out, and Mercedes-Benz responded with additional production. Even before the Jeep Liberty CRD was launched, more than 60,000 potential customers called and emailed their interest in the new product – the first mid-sized SUV on the market in the U.S.

There are good reasons why customers are expressing interest in the new diesel products:

30 percent improvement in fuel economy
20 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
Extended driving range between fueling stops
Powerful low-end torque that makes the vehicles fun to drive
Enhanced towing capacity
There are challenges still to be met if diesel vehicles are to capture a significant share of the passenger vehicle market in North America, and the industry is working hard to meet those challenges.

This special report on Diesel in the U.S. provides a comprehensive view of DaimlerChrysler’s leadership in diesel technology and the marketing of clean-running, powerful, fuel-efficient, high-performance diesel vehicles in the U.S.


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