Hemi.com Gets Supercharged

Hemi.com Gets Supercharged

Auburn Hills, Mich., May 27, 2005 –
Today DaimlerChrysler launched a new edition of Hemi.com (www.Hemi.com). The improved Web site has new stories, new photos, more in-depth history and specifications, and new multimedia features, including HEMI® sounds. The new HEMI engine story is continued and expanded to include the 6.1L version.

Hemi.com presents three newly interactive historical timelines showing the development of all versions of the HEMI engine, starting with the legendary Chrysler FirePower HEMI in 1951. The development of the legendary 426 HEMI that revolutionized NASCAR and NHRA racing is featured in great depth, along with the new generation 5.7L and 6.1L HEMI engines. In addition, Web surfers will find vintage photographs and biographies featuring the people who were behind the most famous automotive powerplant in the world.

“Hemi.com documents how Chrysler’s unique approach to high performance created the great HEMIs of the ’50s and ’60s, and how that heritage applies to the new HEMI engines of today,” said Ron McDaniel, Chrysler Group Director of Advanced Service and Technical Information. “We updated the site to include even more detail on the HEMI story. Web site visitors will enjoy following the HEMI through history as it establishes its legendary status in all kinds of racing.”

New stories include the first-ever Chrysler HEMI victory. It happened in 1951 in a NASCAR race in Detroit. More race drivers are covered, and legendary crew chiefs are added. Vintage photographs show early racing victories in stock cars, sports cars and boats.

New galleries show ’50s HEMI cars, 426 HEMI-powered vehicles, and racing cars and boats of all kinds. There are more vintage ads in the Web site, and twice as many rare-image wallpapers are available for download.

Hemi.com is the official Web site for HEMI enthusiasts.


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