Hybrid Technologies


This sleek R-Car Chrysler Crossfire conversion is anticipated for medium to long-range trips, as well as neighborhood use. This zero emissions vehicle can travel in excess of 90 mph for over 100 miles.

Speed: 6 speed gear box allowing speeds in excess of 90 mph.
Range: Over 100 miles - adding more battery

packs will more than double the range

Power: 25 Kilowatts

Battery Packs: 168 Volts, 56 amps

Battery Weight: 250 lbs

Charge Time: 2-3 hours with either a 110-120 or 220-240V. 220-240 V gives a faster charge

Battery Charge Lifespan: Over 1000X


Inside the R-Car

Inside an Electric Car


PT Cruiser


Mini ATV

Cal Sol Berkeley Sponsorship

British Embassy Mini Cooper

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